Easy to Setup

Get Ready in 15 Minutes

All the setup process takes hardly 10 to 15 minutes

Android Device with 1GB/2GB RAM, OS 6.0 or greater, 8GB/16GB ROM

ANT+ receiver antenna which can connect to 40+ devices at one time to gather heartrate and cadence data of members


Automated processes to reduce class startup time significantly

Trainer and customer apps to ease the process of class scheduling and booking

Android app to control the system from anywhere around the world

Easy to Use


Phone Apps

Customer App

Track & Record Workouts

Shows all information about workouts done during each session. Tracks HR, Cadence, Calories

Mindfulness & Relax

Provides premium audio content to relax your mind

Class booking

Book sessions on the go

Trainer App

FitWay Trainer
Track & Record Workouts

Track workout information of all members at the gym

Class scheduling & setting

Setup the class details and create schedule for new class

Motivate Your members

Inspire your members by tracking their data and providing proper guidence

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